iPhone 11 Awesome Phone Full Review

iPhone 11 Awesome Phone Full Review

Our Verdict The iPhone 11 - the successor to the iPhone XR - has gone from optional handset to immovably taking the spotlight. Offering a large porti

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Our Verdict

The iPhone 11 – the successor to the iPhone XR – has gone from optional handset to immovably taking the spotlight. Offering a large portion of the top-end camera innovation of the incredible iPhone 11 Pro, it packs great spec and figures out how to do as such for a lower cost than many would expect – this is the one to go for on the off chance that you need a decent worth new iPhone.



Two-minute survey


The iPhone 11 is something of an amazement – it brings further developed innovation (to be specific in the camera abilities and the handling power in the engine) but offers it for not exactly the iPhone XR cost in 2018. It joins a huge 6.1-inch show with a superior inclination body, and arrives in a variety of hues as well.

The most attractive component of the new iPhone is to the imaging abilities: with two sensors on the back, you would now be able to take more extensive point snaps close by the ‘typical’ primary pictures. These sensors are 12MP each, and are raised from the back of the telephone in a square glass walled in area – which we’re not enchanted with outwardly.

The night mode is the most noteworthy piece of the iPhone 11 imaging quality, carrying brilliance and clearness to inconceivably dim scenes, and the Portrait mode, defocusing the foundation, is enhanced the new iPhone as well.

The plan hasn’t refreshed much from the iPhone XR in 2018, in spite of the fact that there are currently six hues – including another lilac and mint green shade to look over. The edges of the iPhone 11 still have a similar vibe as the more seasoned iPhone 6, 7 and 8, in spite of the fact that the bigger 6.1-inch show in the center takes up the greater part of the front of the telephone (despite the fact that with somewhat thick outskirts around the screen).

Two-minute survey

That show is splendid enough and reacts well under the finger, with brilliant daylight execution great and the general motion picture and video gushing playback solid – in spite of the fact that not in a similar group as the OLED-toting iPhone 11 Pro range.

Apple guarantees that the battery life of the iPhone 11 is an hour longer than that of the noteworthy iPhone XR, and in our tests this to a great extent substantiated. We had the option to squeeze 24 hours’ utilization out of it without expecting to make a decent attempt – albeit tragically there’s no quick charger in the crate, so on the off chance that you do drain the power pack you’ll have to stick around three hours before it’s completely squeezed up.

The general speed and execution of the iPhone 11 is vigorous – and particularly so at the cost. It’s as yet one of the most dominant telephones out there, as per our initial benchmarks.

In actuality that just means a strong encounter while flipping all through applications – in spite of the fact that we noted that the speed in starting up the camera was somewhat moderate, and preparing pictures took longer than anticipated for a cutting edge telephone.

All things considered, given you can alter 4K film at 60 outlines for each second on a cell phone, it appears to be a quite ground-breaking gadget to have in your pocket – particularly in case you’re a social influencer.

1.Two-minute survey

By and large the iPhone 11 is a triumph for Apple – if, for only that, the reality it’s figured out how to bring down the value year-on-year. We feel enough individuals will be prevailed upon by the dedicated camera (check the night mode tests further down this survey to perceive what we mean) and the security that purchasing an advanced cell phone gives you.

You ought to have the option to accomplish long periods of utilization from this telephone, and sure, you could likewise think about the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max on the off chance that you need more power and higher spec, however we saw the iPhone 11 as amusing to utilize and frequently beat what we would expect given the value – and that is an accomplishment some wouldn’t have anticipated from Apple.


iPhone 11 cost and discharge date

  • The iPhone 11 dispatch date: September 10
  • The iPhone 11 discharge date: September 20
  • iPhone 11 value began at $699 (£729, AU$1,199)

The iPhone 11 discharge date was September 20, 2019 around the globe, and it’s currently promptly accessible in the US, UK and Australia.

The iPhone 11 value is immensely great in the US, where it begins at $699 for the 64GB stockpiling model – we can’t start to call this telephone ‘modest’, however that is a drop of $50 over the iPhone XR, and it’s a staggering thing for Apple to do here when most anticipated that the cost should prop up and up.

In different locales the iPhone 11 value is still lower than the XR, yet the sparing isn’t as extraordinary. The 64GB iPhone 11 will hamper you £729 in the UK and AU$1,199 in Australia, which speaks to a sparing of £20 and AU$30 separately over the XR.

There are, not surprisingly, a scope of capacity alternatives to go for, with the previously mentioned 64GB model joined by a 128GB ($749, £779, AU$1,279) and a 256GB ($849, £879, AU$1,449) rendition, in case you’re glad to go through more cash to get additional limit.

An extra reward is you’ll get a year free of Apple’s TV Plus help when you purchase the new iPhone. That will give you access to an assortment of TV shows, and it’s a special reward when you buy the handset.

You’ll likely have the option to discover the telephone for somewhat less with certain retailers, bearers and systems, and beneath we’ve assembled the best gives you can discover today for the iPhone 11.






This isn’t something we ordinarily do, yet we will get right to the basic reality that the iPhone 11 camera is effectively the champion element on this handset.

Apple has multiplied the quantity of focal points on offer here: where the iPhone XR had one, opening like sensor on the back, things are significantly more affected for 2019, with an entire window on the back containing two 12MP sensors.

Apple’s unmistakably going for a notorious and uniform look with the iPhone 11 territory, with the Pro and Pro Max pressing a similar square focal point knock on the back.

It takes some becoming acclimated to, nearly to its point being too prominent outwardly, with your fingers playing crosswise over it undeniably more when you’re holding the iPhone in scene, yet it really isn’t as prominent as the knock on 2018’s iPhone, because of being ‘layered’ up from the back – the glass lodging around the focal points is raised a modest quantity from the back glass, and the sensors themselves somewhat more.

It’s a wide-edge exhibit – that is to state you get the ‘normal’ camera you’ll discover on each telephone, in addition to a ultra-wide-point focal point that brings a greater amount of the scene you’re shooting into the edge.

It’s an arrangement that is really simple to utilize: a switch at the base of the camera interface empowers you to move between central length, and you can hold this down to actuate a parchment wheel with which you can all the more easily zoom in and out.


There’s a slight judder while changing between the two cameras, and on the off chance that you look carefully you can see there’s a distinction in the light affectability of the two sensors too in the review.

The general yield is very extraordinary – you’ll get a far darker photograph when zoomed out, so we’d recommend just utilizing the farther sensor in a solid, splendid scene and depending on night mode for the remainder of the time.

One thing that should be basic is fixing your too-limited photographs when you could be utilizing the ultra-wide focal point.

We found in a demo how the iPhone 11 would have the option to make a go utilizing the standard focal point, however during our testing couldn’t turn out how to gain admittance to the more extensive shot that should be taken simultaneously, so you can change the structure post snap.

We enacted quite a few settings yet making the image wide subsequent to taking it isn’t something that will be anything but difficult to accomplish for most.

(Side note: iOS 13 brings an element we’ve been after for quite a while: the ability to change the perspective proportion when you’re snapping. You can pick square, 16:9 close by the 4:3 standard picture. Anyway regardless of the proportion picked, it’s as yet a 4:3 picture on the telephone.)

How about we talk about something that works well – the low-light execution. Generally Apple’s iPhone cameras have never been extraordinary here, yet with its improved AI smarts the iPhone 11 is fit for rendering some stunning night snaps.


Regardless of whether you’re in a kind of-dull circumstance, or centering a tripod-mounted telephone at the night sky, a setting empowers you to make what might regularly be a gravely lit photograph look as clear as… well not exactly as quite obvious, however brilliantly splendid.

This works by the iPhone 11 consequently instructing you to hold the handset consistent for 2-5 seconds so the shade can remain open for more; the telephone at that point catches various photographs at various exposures and sharpness levels, before combining the information to deliver the absolute best photograph conceivable.

On the off chance that you’ve supported or mounted the telephone safely, the catch time can be stretched out to as long as 30 seconds – this is just extremely important in case you will take photographs of the night sky, and for general night shots we saw next to no contrast between the splendor of photographs assumed control more than 5 seconds and 30 seconds.

he results are frightening, hoisting Apple to the degree of Huawei, Samsung and Google with regards to taking low-light and night photographs – and somehow or another empowering it to outperform its opponents. Night mode can make photographs took shots at 1am look as though they were taken in late evening, and on the off chance that you can get your subjects to stay still, you’ll take incredible snaps.


Be that as it may, attempt to photo a scene that incorporates movement – individuals moving at a show, for example – and it’s a universe of obscure. You’ll have to physically kill night mode, and that is a tad of an aggravation when you’re attempting to get a fast snap.

Discussing speed, there’s a decent new component added to iOS 13 whereby squeezing and hanging on the screen catch will enable you to take a fast video, Instagram-style, rather than burst mode photographs (you can at present do this by sliding your finger left; on the off chance that you slide directly rather recording will be bolted, enabling you to take your finger off the shade catch to alter presentation and zoom).

This is a decent component that is going to speak to the individuals who need to share video clasps to online networking easily. You don’t get a similar low-light abilities for video (more on that in a minute), yet it’s smooth and defaults to the settings you’ve just set, so you can be shooting very good quality 4K film in merely seconds.

We noticed once in a while that the iPhone 11 would show a dark screen when we started up the camera, which means we would need to flick into another mode (like video or moderate mo) to shock the viewfinder into indicating something. We’ll watch out for this, as it’s imaginable something that will be fixed soon through an update, however it appears to be a bug when beginning the camera application.



Deep Fusion

There was one element Apple made a tremendous arrangement of at the iPhone dispatch occasion, and it could be what drives the iPhone to the leader of our rundown of best camera telephones, or if nothing else gets it extremely close: Deep Fusion.

This component will take nine photographs before you press the screen catch to take a snap, experience the data in each, and afterward on a pixel-by-pixel premise will choose how best to light and advance the snap when you do take it. It was designated “frantic science” in front of an audience – and on the off chance that it works, we’ll be glad to oblige Apple’s depiction.

We’ve yet to appropriately test this component on the iPhone 11 as it was just presented close by iOS 13.2, yet we’re intending to remember a full take a gander at Deep Fusion for the survey once we’ve had the opportunity to test it.


Portrait mode

With the expansion of the subsequent camera, Apple has made Portrait mode on the iPhone 11 obviously better than it was on a year ago’s iPhone XR – where a year ago programming was utiliz to enable the iPhone to realize which was forefront and which was foundation, the additional sensor gives progressively physical data to help.

It’s not great – where a scene is separated into frontal area subject and foundation, it once in a while leaves some haze around the item that should be in center (particularly with hair) however it can take some respectable snaps.

New to the Portrait mode impacts in iOS 13 is High Key Mono, joining the Stage Light and Stage Light Mono choices – now and again it looks educated and proficient, however in the event that that frontal area picture isn’t caught decisively, it looks somewhat poor.


Movie recording

Apple is making a great deal of clamor about how the iPhone 11 can shoot 4K film at 60 edges for every second (fps), and it has valid justification to: having such a component on a telephone at this value will be alluring to many individuals.

Taking shots at 60fps will carry a specific smoothness to the shot, albeit some probably won’t appreciate the impact as it doesn’t resemble the recording you’re accustom to seeing on TV.

We additionally saw a positive improvement in presentation and differentiation, considerably over the iPhone XS from a year ago, with more definition and detail in the shadowy zones.

The new iPhone 11 is a device that those with some video-altering capacity will have the option to do a great deal with; having the option to change the channel impacts, shading balance, etc in the local Photos application is cool as well, before you fare to iMovie. It’s not exactly as cutting edge as different telephones available in such manner, however it adjusts power and ease of use well, and is a beneficial motivation to purchase in case you’re into fast video catch.



We’ve had selfies, ‘bothies’ and ‘groufies’, and with the iPhone 11 Apple has added another term to the dictionary of irritating forward looking camera slang: ‘slofies’. The forward looking snapper here can catch moderate movement video selfies, and moderate + selfie gets you… that’s right, ‘slofie’. Much obliged Apple – even selfie was terrible enough.

The outcomes are great however, in case you’re into such things. The iPhone 11 will cleverly work out where to start the moderate movement succession, or you can change it yourself in the altering application.





The structure of the iPhone 11 is fairly like that of the iPhone XR from 2018; actually, in the event that you place it face-down and spread the camera, there’s next to no to show it’s another telephone by any stretch of the imagination.

You could, maybe, tell by the new hues on offer – mint green, lilac and lighter yellow shades join the Product (RED), highly contrasting variations on offer this year. Yet, past that, the iPhone 11 and XR appear to be indistinguishable from the front.

On the back, things are somewhat extraordinary. We’ve spoken effectively about the unattractive camera knock on the back of the telephone, yet the iPhone logo has additionally been move downwards and – in another move – the word ‘iPhone’ is no place to be seen.

This is something we expect to vanish, and it could proclaim the point in the following couple of years where we see the model number or name vanish totally vanish totally – the iPhone 12 could well be the new iPhone, as has become Apple’s training with the iPad.

(Or then again, it’s simply repetitive. What else is a telephone with an Apple logo going to be call? Indeed, it’s odd that it’s taken this long for Apple to drop the iPhone wording on the back).

In case you’re perusing this survey pondering whether to go for the iPhone 11 or the new iPhone 11 Pro, at that point you’ll need to realize the less expensive gadget is somewhat thicker – as a matter of fact, just 0.2mm along these lines, yet you can feel the distinction in the event that you hold both.


However, that thickness doesn’t stop it feeling premium; the glass and aluminum combo may feel somewhat old, given it’s been utiliz by Apple for such a long time, yet given the iPhone 11’s value it absolutely feels worth the money.

One the base of the telephone despite everything you’ll locate the regular old Lightning connector – we can’t resist feeling that this will be supplant by a USB-C port sooner rather than later, as it takes into account quicker charging.





In contrast to the greater 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch show; that utilizations LCD innovation instead of OLED, calling it ‘Fluid Retina’. That implies you won’t get the lavishness of hues; nor the profound blacks and brilliant whites, that you’ll discover; on handsets with further developed screen tech.

Regardless you’re getting a tolerable showcase here however; as Apple has made and aligned the screen honestly; brilliant and sharp, notwithstanding just having a goals of 1792 x 828 pixels.

That is lower than the 2436 x 1125 of the iPhone 11 Pro; yet you don’t feel like you’re getting a low-res screen here; – the brilliance and solid shading proliferation see to that.

What’s less alluring is the thicker fringe around the outside of the showcase; – nowadays we’re seeing a ton of telephones; incorporating ones with a lower sticker price than the iPhone 11; accompany edge-to-edge shows, and with no indent at the top .

Unmistakably Apple still plainly accepts this is important to house the forward looking camera; and progressed FaceID sensor to give clients a chance to get into their telephone.

Regarding everyday use however, we saw the iPhone 11’s screen as clear; splendid and simple to see even outside on brilliant days. It can approach 625 nits of splendor; as indicated by Apple, and that is sufficient for us in many situations; – blinding in the event that you see it on full brilliance; when opening your eyes toward the beginning of the day.


As far as realistic ability, there’s no high unique range (HDR) playback here; – so you get something many refer to as ‘Expanded Dynamic Range’; – which doesn’t have a similar capacity as an OLED-toting iPhone at playing back top-end motion pictures.

The screen is somewhat clean out in contrast with the iPhone 11 Pro Max; for example; with the constraints of the LCD innovation in the Liquid Retina show going to the fore. It does not have the shading profundity and difference proportion of the higher-spec telephone; yet is still consummately useful for spilling Netflix or live game, as we found in our testing.




iOS 13 and execution


As ever, Apple’s new working framework is flaunte to the fullest in its new iPhones; – this time around it’s iOS 13; and the iPhone 11 packs some clever highlights subsequently.

The primary thing we truly like is that the OS presently has all the more balanced, insightful scaled down notices. That implies that when you change the telephone to quiet; or you change the volume; the little component that springs up to reveal to you what’s going on is increasingly; valuable and furthermore intelligent.

That is to say, for instance; that squeezing a solitary volume key raises a decent slider that you can control with a finger; as opposed to a crate that covers the screen. It sounds minor; however such things will improve the manner in which you collaborate with your telephone everyday.

FaceID has likewise had a truly necessary redesign; – the field of perspective on the camera has been improve a reasonable piece; so you can look at your telephone from your situate and open it. While you may at present need to draw your face nearer or lift the telephone marginally; it’s a major update from what appeared on the iPhone X two years back.

This component isn’t the aftereffect of new equipment however; and it’ll be going to all iPhones propelled as of late; – it’s only an instance of Apple utilizing the data grabbed by existing sensors.

Two or three other new includes we loved ;(not elite to the iPhone 11, however supportive in any case); swipe composing when utilizing the console; new Memoji stickers, and control of the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth choices from Control Center.

iOS 13 and execution 1

The better approach for composing is extraordinary when you’re attempting to accomplish things one-gave – while conveying shopping, for example. The Memoji stickers should be gotten to from the side of the console when forming a letter ;(they’re difficult to see when you first open your informing application); and offer something progressively close to home: a picture of your own face to intersperse your clever exposition with buddies.

The capacity to change Wi-Fi systems from inside the Control Center is an extremely helpful one; – presently you never again need to open up the Settings menu to switch.

That is iOS 13 secured; so shouldn’t something be said about the iPhone 11 itself? The new handset packs Apple’s new A13 Bionic chipset; and – as per spec spills – sets it with 4GB of RAM.

That is an incredible combo; and our Geekbench testing restored a score of 3186, a genuine enhancement for a year ago. This power is clear all through the client experience; with everything as fast under the finger as you’d trust in.

Nonetheless, that is somewhat expressing the self-evident; – cell phones turned out to be amazing enough to react right away to all your impulses years back; and it’s in the subtleties where we see the contrasts between the just great handsets and the absolute best. The demo game we played on the iPhone 11; – Pascal’s Wager – looked extraordinary; with all way of shadows and reflections flashing about the screen, and ran smoothly.

2 iOS 13 and execution

Our experience playing other; less-amazing games on the handset was similarly as we anticipated: everything looking brilliant and clear; with nothing in the method for moderate down; and dashing games with view re-rendering rapidly as we moved; and visual components like water sprinkled about alluringly.

The iPhone 11 wasn’t exactly so quick over all undertakings; – sparing photographs or video to the camera roll now and then took a second or two; yet on the other hand you’re preparing a lot of information ;(particularly for Night mode or 4K video), so that is maybe normal; in any case, a few people may anticipate that presentation should be moment constantly.

All through our testing we didn’t see any genuine issues with the iPhone 11; – it’s a savvy and quick handset, and conveys far superior execution than also evaluated telephones available; just as pressing a progressively develop application index to expand your experience.

There is one change that we need to feature: similarly as with the iPhone XR; there’s no 3D Touch on offer with the iPhone 11; so squeezing harder on the screen won’t yield any new menus or extra usefulness. Rather; it’s a long-press-and-sit tight for new menus, or sneak peaks of things like site pages or Live Photos.

That is fine; and the execution functions admirably when you become acclimated to the ‘beat’ of pausing; – however it implies that when you hold down on symbols on the home screen; you’ll currently need to pick the alternative to rework applications ;(or squirm your finger on the screen somewhat); as opposed to it simply happening normally.




iPhone 11 battery life


One of the features of the iPhone XR was that it was effectively one of the longest-enduring iPhones we’d seen; if not the longest-enduring.

We were really stresse that our testing procedure had turn out badly somehow or another; such was the amazing exhibition, yet it was valid – and the iPhone 11 carries on in that vein. We saw it as basically in the same class as the XR as far as stamina; effectively enduring as far as possible of a working day in our testing.

On a low-use day we found that it waited for 27 hours; – we took the telephone off charge at 8.20am; and it at long last surrendered the phantom at 11am the following day; when we utilized it as a convenient hotspot. This was still with around an hour of video spilling; some music playback; and around 45 minutes of photography tossed in with the general mish-mash.

With harder use; including a great deal of application downloading and music spilling over Bluetooth; just as routinely browsing email for the duration of the day; it was dead soon after 10pm. The iPhone 11 battery life didn’t intrigue as much as that of the iPhone XR; however that is on the grounds that we’ve immediate gotten used to the way; that a telephone from Apple doesn’t must have an infuriatingly short battery life.

This shouldn’t imply that it’s the best available; – on the off chance that you need a telephone with the best battery life around; look to the Android stable, where there are some enduring telephones for sure. Nonetheless, in case you’re meaning to stay with Apple; the iPhone 11 offers better than average battery life, particularly at the cost.

iPhone 11 battery life

There’s no quick charger in the crate with the iPhone 11; which is plainly a cost-sparing move as the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max; both have a 18W charger in the container; which powers up the iPhone 11 unquestionably more quickly than the standard USB plug it accompanies.

To give you a thought of the distinction with regards to charging speeds; we tried utilizing the moderate charger in the container and a quick charging unit independently.

Utilizing the standard, more slow charger from the iPhone 11 box; after 20 mins it had increased 10%, and basically carried on that ‘1% like clockwork cadence until completely energized.

Utilizing a quick charger; in a short time the iPhone 11 had increased an astounding 35% charge; and by 12:03 was at 75%, where we expected to expel it to take it in a hurry. To get a to a great extent full battery in less than an hour is splendid; and we prescribe you move up to a quick charger when you purchase the telephone.

Likewise, in case we’re prescribing things, recollect that the iPhone 11 backings remote charging as well; so getting yourself a remote cushion for home and for work will see you; once in a while with battery nervousness again; – it’s a beneficial speculation, regardless of whether the charging is more slow.



Buy it if


You need a 2019 iPhone for cheap(er)

Alright, it’s not modest; yet it’s by a long shot the most financially savvy telephone we’ve seen from Apple since the iPhone SE; – and it’s undeniably progressively amazing.


You need longer-enduring battery life

The battery life on the iPhone XR was great, and that is proceed with the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is marginally better here, yet you can purchase with certainty on the 11.


You need a telephone with an extremely solid camera

The iPhone 11’s night mode; two focal points and pending Deep Fusion consolidate to make an extremely capable snapper; – practically coordinating what’s accessible on the more costly Pro range.


Don’t get it if

You need the most dominant iPhone out

While the iPhone 11 has got some snort; it doesn’t exactly coordinate the crude intensity of the 11 Pro range; – we question you’ll see quite a bit of an issue by any stretch of the imagination; however one to note if that spec matters to you.